Did you ever see anyone wearing Google Glass? It was an early kind of augmented reality that had a spy camera running constantly and you could see some lines of text in your vision that nobody else could see. I think they released Google Glasses to make us relax and not worry about what they’re really planning, because those glasses looked so stupid that we couldn’t possibly be afraid of them. It was obvious they were being used to send recordings to Google of all of us doing embarrassing things like peeing and going on dates. Google Glass faded fast.

But the next step in softening us up was even more insidious. Magic Leap released a video of a bunch of kids in a gymnasium watching an augmented reality whale jump out of the floor. It looked so cool and fun, who could argue? Well, maybe it’s not that cool. What do you think happened in that gym after the whale jump? That probably took, what, ten seconds, and then they ended the assembly and sent the kids back to class. That’s weird. But you were supposed to wonder to yourself, what if those kids in the gym could learn important stuff by watching something that looks like it’s right in front of them, like stomach surgery or the inside of a sewage treatment center. It makes augmented reality seem educational and fun.

Magic Leap was lying. The kids in the gym couldn’t see the whale. But we were left with the impression that augmented reality will be cool when it arrives. If you look it up in Wikipedia, you’ll see all these great-sounding ideas for what might be coming – art! education! architecture!

Yeah, sure, maybe, but what do you expect from Wikipedia? It’s full of lies and it’s written by liberals who want to control us like sheeple. I am not a sheeple! Stay tuned. I’ll tell you what the real agenda is.