I’m a highly skilled technical analyst currently employed by Analstar, one of the vendors used by Facebook for content moderation. I evaluate videos that have been flagged as possibly containing conspiracy theories or misinformation. Well, actually I’m on leave after some totally unfair questions were raised about videos that I said deserve to be seen and then other people censored them because they said the videos aren’t “true” or based on “facts.” HR promises everything will be sorted out and I should just stay quiet.

But I can’t stay quiet about augmented reality. I’ve been thinking hard about it and I realized that big companies will be pushing it for advertising and for mind control, in that order. I’m the only one who sees the big picture and it’s a really big picture, like an Imax screen if an Imax screen had big teeth and was actually a huge mouth and it ate everyone in the theater.

I also write poetry in my spare time.